37th Annual PEI Summer Bluegrass
& Old Time Music Festival
July 5 – 7, 2024

The PEI Bluegrass & Old Time Music Society would like to welcome all to this year’s festival. Three days of great bluegrass music from bands—from Western North Carolina, West Virginia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  Apply to perform = 2024 Band application.


Nick Chandler & Delivered, North Carolina

Joe Hott, West Virginia

More to be announced.

Maritime Acts to be announced….



PEI Acts to be announced …..


Nick Chandler & Delivered

Nick Chandler and Delivered is a hard driving traditional bluegrass band from Western North Carolina. They are so excited to be back on the road in 2021 after the shutdown. Over the past few years Nick Chandler and Delivered have captured the attention of bluegrass fans world wide. Nick Chandler was included in the IBMA Songwriter Showcase for 2020 with the bands hit tune "Big Bill Johnson"  and they are an IBMA 2022 Official Showcase Artist. This band has been delighting crowds all over the country with their original songs, tight harmonies, and crowd pleasing shows.  Nick Chandler and Delivered. Live it. Love it.  Bluegrass!

Joe Hott

Rising up with tradition. Striding confidently onto the Nashville music scene, Joe Hott is poised to become a “must see/must hear” new face and voice for a broad scope of new listeners ready to discover that “all things old become new again.” Joe is a unique blend of retro-bluegrass, traditional country, gospel music and Appalachian mountain music. This mixture makes the West Virginian Joe Hott a rare treasure on today’s music scene with his 6-foot, frame and handsome boyish resemblance to Hank Williams, Sr.“I really cherish the family and spiritual values I grew up with,” ..... birth place of Winchester, Virginia.
In 2012, Joe formed “Short Mountain Brothers” trio—the name of the group a tribute to Short Mountain that looms just behind Joe’s boyhood home. With the addition of a fourth musician, Joe now tours with his renamed “Short Mountain Band” featuring guitar, banjo, bass and mandolin. They have shared the stage with artists such as Rhonda Vincent and Vince Gill & the Time Jumpers, connecting with new fans on each concert stage. 

To be announced

Bluegrass ......

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Bluegrass band......


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Bluegrass band.....




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Bluegrass band.... 


Janet McGarry Band

For over twenty years, Prince Edward Island’s Janet McGarry has been a dominant presence in bluegrass music, releasing twelve albums on her own label, Diamond Productions. Janet is the only Canadian member of “Daughter of Bluegrass,” a leading group of female bluegrass artists recognized on Blue Circle Records, Nashville, TN. Janet is a five-time Female Vocalist of the Year at the Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Awards. On stage she is accompanied by her husband Serge Bernard who is an accomplished instrumentalist, playing mandolin, guitar, fiddle, dobro, bass and his instrument of choice, the banjo. In addition, Janet’s band includes Trevor Boutilier and Karen DeCoste from Bluegrass Tradition.

The Stiff Family

The Stiff Family has enjoyed living in Prince Edward Island for five years, keeping busy with their hobby farm but still making time to enjoy and play bluegrass music. The family consists of Dave on guitar and Heather on bass along with their children Aaron on banjo and dobro, Hannah on mandolin, Elizabeth on fiddle and Abigail on fiddle. The group also is known for those smooth vocal harmonies which only a family band can provide.



After a fifteen-year break, Bluestreak re-grouped and now has fifteen new original songs ready for their third CD, which will be called Rounding Third. Their first two albums, First Impression and Second Nature won PEI Music Awards Bluegrass Recording of the Year in 2004 and 2005 and East Coast Music Award nominations in both of those years. Band members are David Blue on bass, Roger Wightman on banjo and vocals, Larry Campbell on vocals, guitar and mandolin, Peter Richards on dobro and Marcella Richard on vocals and guitar. 

Bluegrass Revival

Bluegrass Revival has been playing for 23 years on Prince Edward Island, performing at concerts, festivals, benefits and church events. Band members include Dave Clarke on dobro, Cherie LeMoine on vocals, Shirley Jay on mandolin, vocals, Lucas Lamrock,on  guitar, Peter LeMoine on banjo and Ann Hay on bass.


Just Grass

Just Grass is a band of musical friends with four lifetimes-worth of experience. The group was formed in 2014. Bob Jobe is a multi-instrumentalist  who played the country circuit with The Haggart Brothers. Bob has also played with Next of Kin and Free Wheelin’. George Grant has been with Just Grass from the start. George is also a multi-instrumentalist and is the current master dobro player of the East Coast Bluegrass Music Awards. Glenda Johnston began playing bass with Back Porch Bluegrass and continues to play bass with SK Bluegrass, Glenda & Charlie as well as Just Grass. Charlie Hansen started his career in rock ’n’ roll in the 60s before moving on to country music and bluegrass. He has played guitar with Just Grass from the beginning. 


Heartfelt Bluegrass

Heartfelt Bluegrass ia a family band from St Louis PEI. The band formed in 2009, originally with Larry Jones on vocals, Wilma Jones on mandolin, guitar and vocals and cousin Jerome Arsenault on guitar, mandolin and vocals. Donna Bernard joined the band two years late on bass, guitar and vocals .  They love to gather as family and with friends to play music that is from the heart. They have played at the Evangeline Bluegrass Festival, St Louis Bluegrass & Oldtime Music Festival, Summerside Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Association Festival and in Dundas at the PEI Bluegrass Festival.


SK Bluegrass

SK Bluegrass is a veteran band of bluegrassers from “Up West” in Prince Edward Island. The band comprises Eileen Brown on guitar, Jerome Arsenault on mandolin and Frank Brown on banjo. They are joined by Islander Glenda Johnston on bass.



Stay tuned for 2024 Festival Schedule


12:00 – 12:10 Welcome to 37th Annual
12:10 – 12:25 Opening Ceremonies
12:30 – 01:05
01:05 – 01:40
01:45 – 02:20
02:25 – 03:00
03:05 – 03:40
03:45 – 04:20
04:25– 05:00
05:00 – 06:00 Supper
06:05 – 06:45
06:50 – 07:30
07:35 – 08:15
08:20 – 9:00
09:05 - 09:45


11:00 – 11:35
11:40 – 12:15
12:15 – 12:55 Dinner
12:55 – 01:30
01:35 – 02:10
02:15 – 02:50
02:55 – 03:30
03:35 – 04:15
04:20 – 05:00
05:00 – 05:50 Supper
05:50 – 06:00
06:00 – 06:40
06:45 – 07:25
07:30 – 08:10
08:15 – 08:55
09:00 – 09:40
09:45 – 10:25


10:00 – 10:40 Church Service –
10:45 – 11:20
11:25 – 12:00
12:05 – 12:40
12:45 – 01:20
01:25 – 02:00
02:05 – 02:40

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